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    Well when Sascha tell you to do something you do it so here I go,

    So long story short I'm in college. I have a lot of free time but I don't have the kind of free time that allows me to get a real job with a real schedule so I decided to look for ways to work on the internet. My first stop was online tutoring. That shit was hard work and after making 50 bucks and relearning a bunch of different useless subjects, I decided to quit.

    I made my way over to a forum on reddit called beercash or something like that and I saw something about make $100+ on facebook. I read the article and it caught my eye and so I started to look around more and thats when I rediscovered BHW. The funny thing is a couple years back I actually made an account and tried understanding what everyone was talking about and I just couldn't so I gave it up. Now, here I am, a couple years later and I'm just now learning what IM is all about. So there's the background and so lets go on to what I am doing.

    I have read horror stories about how IG is done because of all the updates and all the shit associated with that. I just thought that somehow there are people that are still making a killing off of IG so why can't I. I found this 30 page ebook that someone had posted a link for free so I used it as my bible.

    I bought 8 accounts from a guy off skype, which was pretty sketchy not going to lie. I bought massplanner and proxies from proxy million and went to work. I had to email verify the accounts at first and then boom I had my accounts. I added my proxies and I was ready to let them grow. To make them grow I made them into fake girl accounts and just followed a bunch of dudes that were following chick pages. Grew them for about 3 weeks (which is a long time I know) and I ended with an average followers of around 700 and following around 900.

    I ripped a free iphone giveaway LP and it took me awhile to figure out how to link my content lockers since I am horrible at coding. I made a PL by using weebly and I was done with that part. Now all I did was change my accounts from fake chicks to free iphones and I've made 10 dollars in about a weeks time.

    Fast forward to today and I was trying to find some better niches and I thought I came up with the best niche ever. I ripped a landing page and then I spent a good 2 hours trying to figure out what the hell it meant so I gave up. I went to the skype group and asked for help and it turned out to be Sascha's code haha. Small world. (sorry sascha I figured out how to put my url in lol)

    Looking to see if I can make these 8 accounts work very well before expanding my operations.

    Any input or advice would help. Also, would you all advise that I spend the time to really learn how to code or just stick to ripping landing pages. I literally know nothing about coding so I figure it would take way too long for me to be able to make a quality LP from scratch.
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    Reading Stephens Journey I forgot to mention goals lol,

    Well I guess my goals are to make 10 dollars a day. I am very new to this so I can't expect much. I'm going to take everything slow but very methodically. After I get some time, so maybe by next week, I will hopefully have 4 different but very lucrative niches that I would like to test.

    I can already see that lack of knowledge about coding and all the logistics of IM will be my biggest hurdle. With that said I feel as if I bring a lot of things to the table that most can't. Since I have never been really interested in computer science or anything computer related, I spent most of my time being social and interacting with people in things like sports, partying, etc and also I am from the US and the citizens of my country have to be the dumbest out there. Not to say that the people in here aren't social, I just feel as if the majority of people in IM are more introverts than extroverts and have a harder time understanding real life niches and trends.

    I can't promise a certain amount of posts per time frame because in this field I am more of a sponge and try to listen to other people, but I will post whenever I make progress.
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    Hey Brandon,

    can't way to see you achieving your goals. If you need any help we are always here for you! Don't give up :)
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    My man, thanks. I'll let you know.
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    Alright boys I don't know who is reading this but we got us some muthafuckin progress. Almost 4 dollars today and my clicks are going up with everyday that passes. Today was my first full day of using the free Amazon vps and it is slow as tits. It is slower than my laptop and it makes it really hard to navigate through MP. I'm buying 100 accounts from traveller in two days which will be amazing. For now, I'm going to try to find a new VPS that wont lag and those hoes are expensive which sucks.

    In theory, I made 50 cents an account today. So, hopefully when I get those accounts up and running I can expect to make 30-50 dollars a day. Till next time gents.

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    well shit I don't know how to post a picture so that it will just show here but check that jpg file out. Shows my 4 day progress ;)
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    Great journey, I look forward to see progress! May I ask how old your accounts are and how many you are following a day?
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    Well done on your early success Brandon, it will help motivate others - Keep posting on this forum bro :)
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    I will if more people visit it haha
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    Any updates on this ?
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