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    Many times I have read in Telegram groups and Forums the same question over and over.

    "What is a proxy and why should I use it?"

    What is a proxy?

    My explanation:
    For our purpose - Instagram spamming or growing - we use proxies to hide the fact that we are operating multiple accounts. How does that work? We (the client) would normally just send a request to Instagram and get a response. If we use a proxy server, we send the request to the proxy server and the proxy server forwards that request to its destination, in this case Instagram.

    Proxies are mainly offered with either an IP Whitelist or a regular User : Pass Authentication. Both has its advantages and disadvantages.
    • IP Whitelist - You need to "whitelist" either your home IP or the IP of the VPS you are using.
    • User : Pass Authentication - Every time a session is started with the proxy server you need to pass a username and a password.
    Why isn't there just one solution?
    Many of the proxy providers prefer a Whitelist because this makes reselling their proxies harder. For each person you want to resell your proxy to, the Whitelist needs to be updated. Furthermore most of the providers limit the amount of IPs you are able to whitelist (~3). I personally prefer the User : Pass way, because I don't need to do any additional configuration when i change the accounts or the bot to a different computer or VPS.

    While it is not necessary to use a proxy for any kind of Instagram operation - spamming, growing, etc. - not using a proxy might indicate a "expectations vs reality" problem.

    ROI (Return of Investment)

    This term and its meaning in particular - in my humble opinion - is really important. Especially in long-term operations like Instagram account growing. I wont go into deep analytics and math but here is some really simple and average ROI calculation on Instagram account growing:
    • The first year of the growing operation you will probably only have costs.
    • After the first year of the growing operation each account will pay its own operational costs.
    • After the second year the accounts will actually profit.
    Yes, i know it is possible to grow much faster and net more profit, but i am talking about the average Joe here. While the above calculation looks "ok", its only covering material/infrastructure costs and not even your time investment. Which leads directly to the next problem.

    Why run 1 if you can also run 100 accounts

    Ok lets say your operation is running for two years already. You were lucky and had no bans, hacked accounts or any other unholy catastrophe. You are making 800$ per month with your own product placements or shoutouts. Sounds great right? But wait, someone - you - spent 2 years of his life on this projects, which is - even if you only spend some hours every day - a terrible ROI.

    I highly recommend anyone who is or is about to get into the growing business, think bigger. We can't foresee what will happen within 2 years of operation, so on the day you hit your goal it should be worth it at least. These 800$ could be 80.000$ in two years instead.

    Especially in IM - a always changing environment - projects should be scale able and as long-term as possible.

    If you got question drop them in the thread, i will gladly answer them.
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