Verified Sascha's IG & FB Proxies (1$ each, HQ)

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by Sascha, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. stefano

    stefano New Member

    Any plan on opening the proxies also to Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Linkedin? And maybe to some email provider too (Tutanota, Yandex, Gmx, Protonmail)?
  2. Sascha

    Sascha Active Member Staff Member

    Not for now. I didnt do any quality check on these providers.
  3. Sascha

    Sascha Active Member Staff Member

    All proxies have been delivered. There is plenty availible.
  4. curtoise77

    curtoise77 New Member

    I'm interested, please PM
  5. Sascha

    Sascha Active Member Staff Member

    PM sent
  6. Steven Cutting

    Steven Cutting New Member

    Review :eek:

    • Sascha has good proxies. They appear to be close to their advertisement as they are fast enough for what I need them for and most importantly the aren't recycled/re-sold bullshit - 'these hoes be virgin'

    However o_O

    • They did not work for Facebook as originally portrayed!
    • They do not work for any kind of email verification (although they were never advertised to achieve such a thing) I am just trying to prevent bitches crying.
    Most importantly :cool:

    • The seller does NOT have 1,000 clients and 900 noobs who affect the subnetwork
    • He is an awesome and active member of this community and he wants to help.