Verified Rednax Phone Verification Service (2$, 3 Month+, free re-verify)

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    Rednax Phone Verification Service

    So you just got into making money online. Welcome! A world of opportunity lies ahead of you.
    Until you get hit by a phone verification that is.. Most online services are unsafe anymore and will usually get your accounts banned. This is where I come in. Here's what I have to offer :

    - Available 18 (10 AM UTC - 4 AM UTC) hours a day, 7 days a week. I will provide you with new numbers and verification codes as soon as you request them.
    - Numbers are exclusive to you. Each customer receives their own private numbers.
    - Numbers are usable for every website/service you would like. More than one website/service per number is also acceptable.
    - Verification through SMS or voice calls possible in 4 different languages. (German, English, French, Korean)
    - Each account that you use one of my numbers on and get with a reverify. I will provide you with FREE reverifications as many times as needed.
    - Every number will be up for about 3 months (extendable)
    - Numbers are based in Germany.
    - Can provide as many as needed (Big orders will need a bit of time to be usable.)
    - Pricing is 2$ per number. (Negotiable at higher quantities)

    If you're interested in what I'm offering or have any questions feel free to skype me at : Alexv.a2 (this is the ONLY way to contact me. Don't believe any other threads or posts.)
    Payments VIA PayPal only!

    Thanks for reading and good luck making money!
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