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  1. Stephen Gomez

    Stephen Gomez New Member

    Nothing fancy... as simple as it gets.

    I sell sim cards for verification.
    - Philippines numbers
    - $0.50 each
    - UNLIMITED reverification (until the number expires)

    *Every buyer that buys will receive their own, unique, and FRESHLY OPENED sim pack.
    *Sim cards bought will only be available to that specific customer.
    *Manual verification -- I'm available to help almost all the time (except when I'm asleep of course).

    I've already worked with a lot of y'all. My service speaks for itself. :)

    January Promotion:
    - Buy 10, Get 2 FREE sim cards
    - Just message me on Skype saying that you found my service on BotSource

    Skype: stephen.theosia
  2. Jared39

    Jared39 New Member

    Excellent service
  3. Mam Bo

    Mam Bo New Member

    Probably the cheapest and the most effecient service!
  4. shukritobi

    shukritobi New Member

    The fastest of all. Thanks Steph.

    "10/10" - IGN
  5. Dave Zegers

    Dave Zegers New Member

    Do they work outside the Philippines?
  6. Sascha

    Sascha Active Member Staff Member

    Yes they do
  7. Stephen Gomez

    Stephen Gomez New Member

    Thanks for the reviews! :)

    I provide verification service along with the service. The sim cards themselves won't work outside the Philippines.
  8. Steven Cutting

    Steven Cutting New Member

  9. Dave Zegers

    Dave Zegers New Member

    @Stephen Gomez does this work for facebook and are you still doing this