Possible ways to monetize your Instagram audience

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    I am sure many of you asked this question before:

    "How can i make money with my Instagram Account"

    There is many answers to that particular question and they are all correct! This is based on the fact that Instagram accounts come in different sizes, demographics and trust levels (towards Instagram). If you account is bigger then 10.000 Followers and your engagement ratio is good, you can get away with much more bad behavior then an account on the other side of the spectrum.

    The possible ways are separated into 2 main categories and a lot of sub categories on each side of the fence. We will start with the easy one.

    Affiliate Marketing
    The basic principle of affiliate marketing is, that you promote products or services as an... affiliate. This can consist of: Services, Products, Signups and many more. There is a few different methods to promote an affiliate offer and they all come with different levels of risk. If you want to keep your account clean, always go with product offers in combination with fake Shoutouts and not with "services" or "signups". Product example: https://barkbox.com/ . Payment 17$ PPL (Pay Per Lead).

    Where to find "offers"? http://botsource.org/threads/list-of-affiliate-networks-sorted.36/

    Link in Bio (High-Risk)
    Depending of the type of offers, this is the riskiest way of promotion, because it exposes you to A) Instagram crawlers which may think that the website is spam - because other Instagram users use the same product to promote - and B) it possibly looks like spam or shady promotion to your audience - which could trigger a few reports.

    Fake Shoutout
    This is possible the best solution. Social Media consumers are used to paid promotions already thanks to YouTube, which will lead to less reports. While it looks like a Shoutout that someone purchased from you, in reality it is just you promoting the product.

    Ecommerce (Ecom)
    But why should you just be an affiliate if you can promote your own products? While it puts a bit more workload on you - handling orders - the profit margin is much higher and you have the possibility to build a brand. Here a short overview of the 2 types.

    This is the easiest way, since you don't need to be bothered with pre-ordering or sitting on a stock of items. When an order comes in you just "forward" the order automatically or place an order yourself at the supplier of your trust. Where can i find these suppliers? https://www.aliexpress.com/ and https://www.alibaba.com/ are the first picks here. If you want to single-order products your search might yield more results on Aliexpress. If you order big batches go for Alibaba.

    If you are confident about your product and/or the volume of orders you will receive, this is one of the best options. You will be able to order private labeled products (your own logo on them) and additional to that you will get a much better price. Disadvantage is that you need to organize a fulfillment center that will handle the order processing, packaging and shipping for you. Why? Because you will order a big batch of products from the supplier to the fulfillment center.

    If you have questions, please ask in the forum so i can extend the post if necessary.
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    Thanks Sasha for this post! But, just a little, maybe noob question. For the fake shoutout, the referral link have to be inside the picture?
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    Hello @wally , sorry for my late reply .

    With a fake shoutout , i was not talking about referral links . More like pretending to promote another brand or product , which in reality is owned by you . You could make a new Instagram account which you will use as the "brand" account.

    If you have any more questions , please let me know .