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    How the old method used to work

    The original method used to work like a charm few years ago, when you could of made comments on any Facebook page (post) and use plenty of free sites to upvote/Like your comment, ranking your comment to the top (with the most likes) with pretty much any link you were promoting.

    Why it doesn't work anymore

    But Facebook is smart, these days they look at the authority of your link (inside the comment), where that link leads to, also how old/new the account is and besides this, Facebook has an algorithm now that determines a good standing account (status) upon the actions a FB account does. If you Like/Like/Like too much, that might raise a flag. If you comment constantly, again this raises a big flag; if you constantly do 1 same action repeatedly, too fast, this is a sure way you get flagged by their system. Nowadays, the more natural you make your account seem, the more it will last. But this is not very important, since the tweak we are adding to this particular method will be different than what used to be.


    So to recap, in the past, you were able to post links easy and rank your comment just with a lot of Likes. Now, not only this does not work anymore, because Facebook also Filters comments that they believe it may be spam, but also looks at the status of the accounts that Liked your comment. So if in the past you were able to use free sites to give you tons of Likes (from other FB accounts that all they did was doing FB Likes), now this is not a solution anymore. Most of the attempts in doing the old method, will get your comment ghosted or simply it won't rank.

    The NEW Method (Manual vs Automated)

    Therefore, we tweak this method into something that very few people know and do, but still banking!

    Once the initial method stopped working, everybody stopped doing it. But the market is still there. What we are going to do now, is to Reply to every single comment made in the picture/post of a FB Page we target, with a PICTURE. In this picture, make sure you add little,yet essential info about what you are promoting: "lose weight product of the year" or "watch Superbowl stream free" even promote direct CPA offers (this works on countries non-English to be sure your audience is not from all over the world). In this picture, add an easy to type URL, do not go for a domain name like www. honeyproductsbestnaturalbio.com in case you are trying to sell honey... instead go for www. bit.ly/Honey2017 or maybe you own a very short domain name. Copy/paste that link 3 times in your picture, one under each other, as this way it looks easier on the eye and for some reason it makes it easier to want to type it as opposed to just 1 link. For your picture, you can use your imagination, do something simple or download some editable PNG poster samples, something like this http://i.imgur.com/IqGvzxE.jpg Just make sure you add big fonts to the main title of what is this/that and as well, big fonts to your url/links

    Now, what you will want to target, are the big FB pages with plenty of active fanbase (likes,followers), and as soon as a picture is posted, you can post it either as a comment, although that won't matter much because it will get lost in the comments, either to every single comment. This will not get your picture ghosted most of the times.

    The people you are replying to, get notified about a new reply. Most of them will check it out, and imagine that some comments have hundreds of replies, many people that commented in there will see your picture, but also lurkers will see your picture too. They will click it and your picture will expand and they will see clearly what you promote. What you need to keep in mind is that this can be done in 2 ways, manual and automatic. As a rule of thumb, the more you post/spam, the more you can earn.

    At first, is good to try it manually, to see how it works and what problems you may encounter. You will see for yourself if it will be worth on buying 50 Fresh FB accounts or 50 Ages FB accounts. Nowadays, a 6 month old account with normal activity (shares, likes, posts, add friend, talk in messages etc) will beat in terms of quality, an old account of 5 years with no activity. This does not mean you need to make all your accounts too real, because you will notice after testing, how much/many pictures you can post until there are any problems.

    The problem with doing it manually, is that you want at first to see if this brings in any revenue, so that you can input time to automate it. But this may depend on a lot of factors, as you might not have a great reach, or not target the right audience or even that you might not promote something worth promoting that would bring you leads.

    To automate this, you would need a custom bot that would cycle through accounts with proxies, and keep track of your targeted Pages. As soon as one page posts as new post/pic, your bot will continuously scan for the comments made on that post. What your bot will do, is to simply reply comment with a (your) picture, for every comment left by someone else. Sure, you can do this for existing posts, but in time, you will want to jump on new posts. You can Google after such bots, and you can request to the few people that owns something like this, to implement it. Or, you can go to Freelancer or even Fiverr, and settle for a price for getting yourself a custom bot. I recommend you to search/ask around 30 programmers/coders and you will see prices anywhere from $30 up to $300. Either way, the amount of money you can make from this method is $x,xxx up to $xx,xxx if you start to understand the 'game'.

    Why it won't work for you: because you will post too little or promote something that doesn't fit the page, and most will stop at the manual method.
    Why it will work for you: because you can think in numbers, and the more you spam with lots of accounts and a bot, the more visitors you get, the more clicks you gather, the more leads you get, the more $$$$ you collect.

    The old method used to generate even sums like $30,000 per month for some people, and they weren't geniuses, they just knew about the method. With this new method, you might not make $30k in your first month, but you can still bank several grand with some work, and once you know what you are doing, you can scale scale scale.

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    This is so good! Thanks for sharing :)