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    When it comes to creating IG accounts the method you want to use depends on the purpose you have for the account. If I create an account that I want to grow slowly and not use for spamming etc than I wouldn't use the method I will describe here. However if you need to create a lot of accounts fast this little tutorial for account creation might help you.

    For this tutorial I'm using the following:
    - Firefox browser in incognito mode
    - Private Proxies, Dynamic IP or Mobile Tethering

    First off a little thing about the technical side of it. When you use a device/browser to access a website the device/browser sends a user-agent string with the request. This is how Instagram knows what kind of device you are using, os version, browser etc. To be on the safe side when registering multiple accounts on one IP you want to change this information. So it doesn't look like one person creating multiple accounts.

    I use User Agent Switcher on FireFox which you can find here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/user-agent-switcher/
    Install the add-on, you get several user agents preloaded but we are more interested in mobile agents anyway. So we are going to download an xml file from TechPatterns: http://techpatterns.com/downloads/firefox/useragentswitcher.xml

    Save it and then open the options of User Agent Switcher, click import and upload your xml file. Check the box that says "Overwrite existing user agents when importing".

    To use this add the add-on to your toolbar click on it > mobile devices > devices > pick one of the brands > select a model

    Now your browser send out a user agent that corresponds with the mobile device you selected, to test this go to: https://www.whatismybrowser.com/

    For me it now says:
    Your web browser is:
    Safari 10 on iOS 10
    Apple iPhone

    So that is working

    Next make sure you are using a proxy or dynamic IP. For setting proxies use mozilla's own guide: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/advanced-panel-settings-in-firefox

    If you have a dynamic IP from your ISP you can use these as well for account creating, just restart your router whenever you need to use a new IP.

    Or if you don't have a dynamic IP like me but you do have a data plan on your mobile phone you might be able to use that. Setup your phone to become a personal hotspot NB! make sure you are actually using your mobile data and not your wifi. Connect your computer to the hotspot. To change IP's it's usually enough to put your phone in Airplane mode for a couple of seconds and than set it back. To be sure that the IP changed check it online.

    For account creation you just go to instagram.com and signup. I keep a log of which user-agent settings I used for which in case I need to login to them in the future. You can also use this method then to change your bio and upload a profile pic.

    Some tips:
    - Use the same user agent and IP to click and activate your account through if your using email
    - Don't add more than 3-5 accounts on one IP adress.
    - Don't use really old user agents. I usually rotate between the Iphone 5-6, Google Nexus, HTC and Samsung.
    - If you are using the mobile tethering really really make sure you are using your 3g/4g(learned this the hard way getting a personal IP blocked because I was still on wifi).
    - Create every account in a fresh incognito mode
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    Instagram can track a lot more from your browser, like for example the list of installed fonts on your system, and a canvas fingerprint. If you have any font installed apart from the default Windows (or Mac) ones, you are leaving a fingerprint!
    I suggest you to use Multiloginapp, which can create different unique profiles for your browser. It's free for up to 10 profiles, but then you can delete the and create 10 more ;) https://multiloginapp.com/

    If this method is not working it's mostly because of bad proxies.
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    Good point. I wanted to add it to the tutorial but I can't seem to be able to edit my original post. The fonts you have installed is one of the things they can "track" with canvas fingerprints. I never had any problems with it on instagram though. However you could also add the https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/canvasblocker/ plugin to firefox, which is free. To create enough noise so they can't track you.
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    Interesting, here is an alternate way:

    Things you will need:
    1. Start Bluestacks tweaker (as admin)
    2. Start Bluestacks within the tweaker
    3. Change GUID / Android ID / Google ID / Model
    4. Restart BS via tweaker
    5. Login to router
    6. Unplug modem
    7. Change router MAC address
    8. Replug modem
    9. Make sure IP is fresh
    10. Create IG account
    11. 'Force stop' & 'Clear data' on IG app
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