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    This is my MAIN project. I have several projects going on, some I've posted here. Some are the little things I'm involved with outside IM.

    Probably, one of the more famous method I've seen being utilized right now after the explosion of the Porn Reupload method or the Dropshipping Method (where one sells a product for free and profits by charging shipping).

    Main point, I'm sticking with this. I could drop every other project I have but this, I'll see through til' the end.

    WHO AM I
    Some may have seen my journey at the other forum... The sob story.

    Truth is, it is a made up one. People tend to gravitate to rags-to-riches story. How one man with unfair circumstances rose up and became a hero or something. My aim was to help people who thinks they CAN'T because of whatever limitations they imposed upon themselves. Give them courage and little tap in the shoulder and say they CAN.

    I intended to finish that but decided to stop updating when things got a little bit busier on my end. Wherein from waking to sleeping yet again are hours filled with nothing but grind, chats here and there, etc.

    Now, I'm planning on doing a daily update, WITHOUT FAIL, as part of my journaling process every morning.

    Before the whole IM thing, I was doing pretty good. I have clients for business development here and there, a few project management gigs, and some copywriting and telemarketing stuff. Nothing big but it was good.

    One day, I got pissed. Because my life was being measured by how successful my clients become. And I asked myself, how about my life? My family's life? When is it going to be about our story?

    So I abandoned my ship. Quit on every client I have and retained just one (the one who is less headache compared to the rest), and decided to fuck it all and make it big on IM.

    And here we are...

    The end goal is a working system that will earn money on Instagram via the OGAds network. That's what this journey is all about.

    I have the end goal in mind, the vision of how it looks like, but I'm being selfish here.

    So let's put it in numbers. A format where most people are comfortable at.

    By the end of 2017, I will be...
    1.) Earning $2,000/day
    2.) Have 5,000 STRONG ACCOUNTS doing actions

    p.s.: Strong Accounts mean that they are doing at least 950-1000 actions per day.

    But hey, this isn't my project alone. I'm in a JV with someone. I mentioned late because this is my journey, so if he wants, he can create one here too. :D

    As I write, these are the resources we have:
    1.) VPS
    2.) Proxies (don't know how many yet)
    3.) Accounts (unaged, non-warmed accounts)
    4.) Warmed accounts (mine, my partner's a newbie and got all his accounts banned) :D
    5.) 1 domain

    For landing pages, we plan on mainly using OGAds' provided LPs. But if we think of other niches, we'll make a simple landing page for it.

    Pre-LPs are done via Tumblr.

    This week, we plan on speeding things up. The habit to implement is consistency. Every week, we should be able to load up X number of accounts and let them begin aging.

    First week of the month, January 1-7, 2017:
    *Load and begin warming 100 accounts
    *Create 10 landing pages on 10 niches

    *We've already created project trackers and my partner has done a splendid job creating a button for our pre-landers.

    Will update by the end of the day.
  2. Jared39

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    Good luck, I hope you do well!
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  3. Neozin

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    Good luck! 5000 accounts is allot, any idea yet how you will be managing those? Hire VA's at one point I assume
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  4. Jeff

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    Don't think 1 domain will do unless you cloak ;)
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  5. Mam Bo

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    GL Man!
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  6. Sascha

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    *Watched* I wish you the best Stephen. 2017 is here. Pedal to the metal!
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  7. Dave Zegers

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    That looks like a plan

    Good Luck mate
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  8. Stephen Gomez

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    Yep, that's actually part of the plan. If I go accordingly, that'll happen by around April or May. Starting at 1,000 strong accounts.

    I'm not sure how it goes though. I got an idea using Cyberduck.

    All I do is this -- IG -> Pre-lander -> OGAds Landing Page / Self-made Landing Page

    Thanks guys!
  9. Stephen Gomez

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    First day of the year. Hustle all the way. :)

    Well, not much to update. But here ya go...

    *54 accounts sitting in MP beginning to warmup
    *Set up and revamped a few trackers. I'm pretty sure everything will be measured by now so I can begin testing like crazy again once all the accounts are warm enough.
    *Was supposed to create a landing page tonight but my partner *poof* suddenly disappeared. Will do that first thing tomorrow morning. Kind of pissed, but let's see.
    *A good day, I should say. A few outside deals here and there, nothing really big but all cool.

    STATS: Not so good, don't know why. Will figure out tomorrow.
    Only got 1 click so far, no conversion. Weird as fuck.
  10. Maxim

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    Good luck man)
    I start with you)
  11. Matt-ia

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    Good luck stephen, i wish you all the best! Soon it will be my time to start !
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    Good luck, high targets you've set. How's it going do far?
  13. Steven Cutting

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    @Stephen Gomez - Please update. A journey is for life, not just for Christmas :D