Tutorial How to get accepted by ogads (Email, Pin Submits, CPI)

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    Today we gonna talk a bit about how you can get accepted by ogads. If you have questions regarding Ogads please feel free to drop them here.


    How to get accepted by Ogads:

    First off, alot of ad networks have a minimum requirement because they have reputation to lose. Yes Reputation. Alot of publishers have minimum requirements and dont want their brand or ads be on shady websites. For example maxbounty even gives you a phonecall to verfiy your person and to get a better idea of your knowledge and experience in your business.

    So who are ad networks looking for? An experienced IM person with good quality traffic that they wont have any troubles with.

    How could a successfull IMer look like:

    "Me and my partner have 5 different niche blogs and several guides related to these niches. We also started with Facebook Ads recently where we invest around 400$ monthly in each niche. The Content Locking would be really suitable aside the ad income we have, so we are here for testing the waters on content locking. We are looking forward into working together with Ogads."

    Modify the text a little and copy that into Traffic Source and Current Websites. In the social accounts input fields just copy paste "See Traffic Source".

    If you have a business email or a phone number that you are fine getting contacted at, add it. It will just make you look more professional.
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    OGAds are in my opinion the MOST easiest affiliate network to become a member of because they accept shit traffic, they allow false promises and best of all they provide landing pages all for your advantage taking pleasure! (pretty high quality too)

    If you get denied or worry about such a thing then please just go get a real job :rolleyes:

    Content locking is generally black hat as fuck - play it, play the network, make some paper!...DON'T GET PLAYED! :D