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    Let's start.

    We will need to purchase and download the following things.
    Purchase ZennoBox and ZennoBox Account Creator Template.
    Captcha solving service that is available in ZennoBox
    A cellphone that is capable of hotspot.
    A sim that has 3G/4G/LTE dynamic IP OR proxies.

    This is the Template.

    Now You might ask where to buy the ZennoBox.
    I was asking this myself because I couldn't find the Download button.
    Most of the information on the internet said that you buy the template and you will get ZennoBox.
    Well it's not like that.
    When you buy the template you need to check the box that says : "No Zennoposter? Click Here!"
    You might notice that it's Yandex account creator. Why?
    Because once you buy the template it is updated for 30 days. After that it is discontinued.
    And I have a renew option that is a little different. The renew costs 5$
    Here is what it looks after you tick the box for ZennoBox.

    The Captch Solving Service.

    I use AntiGate aka

    1st thing you need to do is to create an account at
    2nd thing you need to do is create an account at
    Use the same email for both.

    After you did the first two steps you will buy the template and ZennoBox.
    Total Cost for both is 27USD

    After the purchase.
    Download ZennoBox. From
    Or you can download from
    But if you download from you will download the RU version by default.

    How do we download the EN or CH version.
    Go to
    And Click Change in the Local Column.
    IF the page is in Russian you can change the language from the top right corner.
    Top Left corner on

    After you have changed the language Select Mirror1 or Mirror2 to download ZennoBox.
    Once you change the language in zennolab for the ZennoBox software it will also change in

    Now once you have downloaded the ZennoBox.
    Let's install it.
    Follow the steps very easy.
    All the steps are described very well can't fail.

    Now we have the Software on our machine.

    Let's power it up.

    This is what you will see.

    Now it is time to configure the software so it does exactly what we want!

    Click Settings
    Select threads
    Click Recommended value it will test your machine and give you the optimal values.

    Click Instance
    Maxout the Max amount of memory

    Click Captcha
    Enter the api key

    Now we need to do a few more things.
    Click on the green + Top left corner

    Add the xmlz file. Thats the template.

    After that.
    Right click on your template inside the software and click settings

    Chose the directory of your template.
    Chose the captcha service .dll

    Chose what email termination you want.

    Settings are done.

    Okay now once you download ZennoBox you get the template inside the software linked automatically.

    The add xmlz and directory template settings are already done.
    But you can download the template manually from and add it manually if you want.(that is what I did)

    Now I will try to explain as well as I can how the account creation process goes in my experience.

    With ZennoBox you have a maximum of 20 threads.
    I use 10 when creating accounts.

    On the bottom tab you have:
    Execution Tab. When it's -1 it performs infinite executions.
    Maximum # of threads well.. you chose the number of threads you want.

    This are the basics.

    Let's create accounts.

    First make sure you are on your hotspot.
    After you created the hotspot you are ready to go.

    Click the green play button top left corner.
    Emails will start being created.


    There is a readme that you can check that I recommend you read.
    There will be explained how to make "personalized" emails.

    After a few seconds you will receive an error something like.
    Too many accounts on the same ip use an sms service to create accounts.

    Change the 3G ip. Close Data Open Data. OR hit airplane mode twice.
    Or if you have your own proxies you can add them txt or sources(links)

    Once you download the template you will get this.
    a readme- read it it has instructions on how to use the template.
    I might of omitted some things.

    This is pretty much everything on how to start creating accounts. This are simple basics, once you grasp them.
    It took me 6 hours of testing in order to get it to work.
    But with this guide I hope you will be able to create accounts from the first try.

    Best wishes.
    ZennoBox+template 27USD 2USD
    Total investment 29$

    Time spent tapping on/off data 3-4hours

    Results 1078 emails.

    If you want to make a quick buck you can sell this emails for 5cents a pop usually sold for 10cents.
    50USD earned
    50-29=21USD Profit.
    You can do this for 30 days before the support is discontinued.
    If you have a proxy scraper(or use the proxy checker inside the ZennoBox with your own sources) it's set and forget for a month just don't forget to top-up your captcha service.

    Just my 2 cents on it.


    Will be happy to respond to your questions. I hope I will be able to give you the answer you seek.
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