Tutorial Checking IG Account Quality without burning your proxy

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    Today we gonna talk about how we can check the quality of an IG account, without wasting your proxy. You ask why? Well depending on your strategy the proxy costs play a big role in your total investment per account. So how do we check the account quality without actually burning a proxy? This is pretty easy!


    Instagress offers a 3 day trial on alot of different account automations. After you signed up your dashboard should look like this:

    Simply click "Add account" and enter your account details. After you added your account to Instagress, you will either pick FOLLOW or LIKE for this test. Depending on account quality - and especially you expectation of account quality - you need to pick one of those.

    2017-01-14 01_16_32-Instagress _ maryaltar88 _ Activity.png

    Set the "Speed" for Likes to 60 per hour and the "Speed" for Follows to 40 per hours (which is the max limits for Instagress usage). Let the account do atleast 25 actions. If no action is required the account should be good! Remember if you log into aged accounts for the first time there might be an email verification because of the IP location change.

    Why not use Instagress for CPA?

    Depending on the package you buy, each account will cost you between 3$ and 6$ monthly. If this price is within your range AND you dont need features from Massplanner or FollowLiker go ahead!

    If you have any questions, please ask in this thread!

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    Well I don't know why I didn't think about that before, thank you!
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    Nice share Sascha! Keep up the good work ;)
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    What do you mean by burn a proxy? If I check one of my accounts on MP I am actually messing up my proxy??
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    Burning is a synonym for killing so if you had really poor accounts but awesome proxies and used those $0.05 accounts
    within your $3 proxy you may destroy your ability to market with that IP address therefore if you had time to waste on irrelevance you would follow the instructions within this post o_O
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    Good stuff